Acceptance Speech - Dr. Rosario de Guzman

Aug 20th, 2010 | By Administrator | Category: Around NOPSSCEA

It is indeed a great honor to have been elected as the new President NOPSSCEA. However, it is an enormous challenge to succeed Msgr. Noly A. Que, who has been one of the reasons why NOPSSCEA has successfully grown into what it is now, on its the 30th year of existence - NOPSSCEA: Sturdy @ 30!

NOPSSCEA, as an active and focused organization, has shown tremendous leadership and vision and has come a long way from 1980 when it was organized by a group of professional educators who were then, and still are, held in high esteem, in the Province of Negros Occidental. The incorporators are represented here today by Br. Rolando R. Dizon, FSC, Miss Gloria Tajanlangit, Mr. Roger Banzuela.

The Board of Trustees requested the Educational Task Force, now the Committee on Education, to conduct a research, an evaluation of the delivery of services of NOPSSCEA to its member schools. This week, we received the results from the main researcher, Dr. Ofelia T. Posecion, Research Commissioner, and it is heartening to note that among the findings was that the extent of services of the NOPSSCEA Board of Trustees and commissioners to member schools on Sports, Cultural, and Educational/Academic activities is very high.

I believe that the members of this organization have experienced the immense joy and delight in servant leadership demonstrated by the NOPSSCEA Board of Trustees in the past decades.

During the term of Msgr. Noly, the incumbent and the incoming Board of Trustees have worked together, after the election on 24 March of this year and I noted the healthy team spirit, the desire to achieve the vision, mission and goals of NOPSSCEA. It was in these meetings and seminar-workshops on creative strategic planning that new committees such as the Committees on Resource Generation, Socio-Civic and Religious Affairs and Organizational Advancement, were organized to better implement the programs for the benefit of the members. We worked as a team and we brought to the fore the expertise of the new set of officers…and I am proud to be a member of this team.

While all of us have full times jobs in our respective schools I saw for myself the best of intentions, the deep commitment and dedication of the new set of officers, in coming up with strategic plans, with special mention on the NOPSSCEA Organizational Capacity, aimed to professionalize the NOPSSCEA Office to respond to the needs of members with more enhanced and active communication channels and strengthened mechanisms for dissemination of information, which, incidentally, is one of the recommendations of the aforementioned research.

May I take this opportunity to mention some of the priorities we will have in the next two years: to find ways to make the association more relevant on a daily basis to its members; spearhead in bringing in a global perspective in the areas of education, culture, sports and outreach programs. We will invite more schools to be members of NOPSSCEA, not just to increase the membership but because we want to serve more schools. We will establish more cooperative endeavors with other professional educational organizations within the Province.

I bring with me a variety of experiences from both the public and private sectors of education and I humbly seek your guidance and full support so that we will be successful in steering NOPSSCEA along a dynamic road. Each of us has made many important contributions to the field of education and its many areas in our own respective schools, and as an organization, together, we can do a lot more to make NOPSSCEA a more solid, responsive, and relevant professional organization.

To Msgr. Noly, with you as an Ex-Officio member, the new Board of Trustees will rise to the challenge of continuing the policies and programs that you have tirelessly advocated, particularly your pet project, the completion of the NOPSSCEA Activity Center, the Phase I of which you have blest today. We will do our very best make your, our collective dream, a reality.

It is a great privilege for me to assume the role of President of NOPSSCEA effective today.

Thank you again for placing your confidence and trust in me to serve as your President. Let us all have an exciting journey in the next two years.

With the Lord guiding us in every step of the way, we will surely succeed!

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